More Prayers!

Hello fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ!!

I am very sorry that I have not been posting anything lately…
I have been struggling quite a bit. Please keep me in your prayers!
I just haven’t been able to clear my mind enough to compose a post,
I still haven’t cleared my mind much, but I just felt inspired to post
something today.
Here below, you will find some originally composed prayers, that I
myself have written.
I hope these help you in some way!

This first one is to Mamma Mary, asking her for help in a hard time. I
wrote this a few weeks ago when I was quite depressed, And losing my
sight on what matters most.
O sweet Mother Mary,
I am lost, I have lost my way, in this world of great darkness, hatred,
sadness, and gloom.
I have lost my sight on what means and matters most, My beloved, JESUS!
Help to guide me to Him, your Son. In a deeper way than ever before.
Let my focus be forever on Him, Let me see how He is my all in all! My
strength when I am weak! My EVERYTHING!
O sweet Mother Mary,
Christ’s Mother, and mine.
My Queen of Peace, let me never again be lost in the darkness, hatred,
sadness, and gloom of this world again

This second one, I actually just wrote today. This prayer is a prayer,
thanking Jesus for what I have, and being glad for the blessings, and
even the CROSSES in my life!

O Jesus,
Beloved of my soul, love of my heart, I come to you in thanksgiving.
I come to you, thanking you for all the good things and even the bad in my life.
No matter, good time or bad, I know you are there, and I know that you care.
Thank you for my breath, my life, my family, and friends. And all the
new people I continue to meet.
Thank you for my trials, Although seemingly endless I know there is a reason!
You are making me stronger, You are making me invincible, through these trials.
Thank You Jesus, thank You for all that You have given me.
I will thank You all the days of my life, in my triumphant times, and
even amiss all my trials!

This third and final one is just a short prayer to the Holy Spirit,
that I composed. I say this prayer before I try, and talk to my parents
about anything, Church, God, Religion, and Faith based topic. And I tell
you all, it works!!!

Come Holy Spirit,
As I approach these people, children of GOD, to talk about my Lord and
God, I ask that you fill my heart soul and mind. I ask that you give
me the words to say, when words need to be said, and keep in me
silence when silence is needed.
Tell me what to do, and I shall listen. Give me a direction, and I shall follow.
Through Christ and Our Mother I pray.
I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope that these were somewhat helpful!
May God bless you all, and keep you all the days of your life!!!

Stay strong, faithful, positive, and everything will work out.

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