This is Very Bothersome


Have you ever just been so bothered by something, and it just keeps boiling inside of you…and even sometimes, you can’t even sleep? Well, I have. And this something that is bothering me, causing me sleepless nights.. is people distorting God’s creation, and the way life is supposed to go, they way God made it to work! This is done, sadly in many many ways. Take for example, transgenderism. God created man in the image and likeness of Him. When God creates something, is it perfect? The answer is, yes, yes it is. And if something is perfect, does it need alterations? No, no it does not. So, if God’s creation is perfect, and something perfect doesn’t need alterations… then why do we feel the need to “change” our gender?, become something that we are not, something God didn’t create us as. Notice how I put change in quotations? Well, I did that because we can’t  change what God has made.We can’t change something we did not create, and have no control over, now can we. Again, the answer is no, no we cannot. An example is a faucet. You can break, ruin, distort, and remove a faucet… but in the end, what will it be? A FAUCET! It is and always will be a faucet. This is just the same as, how God created a man to be a man, and a woman to be a woman, nothing less, nothing more, and nothing different. You can change what you appear to be on the outside, but not on the inside. You will always be what you were born as, what God made you. Weather that be a man or a woman. You can pretend to be something on the outside, but God knows your inside.. and what  He created you to be. Another issue, that sadly is very present in this world, is people who claim to be gay. May I remind you that this word use to mean happy… but this world, changed it to mean something totally different… something that goes against What God made. Now, me writing this… in no way, am I targeting anyone, and nor do I hate these people. For they are God’s children too. And as a Christian Catholic, I am commanded to love everyone… as is everyone. I don’t hate anyone!!!  Jesus ate with sinners and criminals. And what did he do?Did he hate them? No,  but instead he loved them dearly,I just needed to say that, and set that straight. Anyways, continuing on about what I was saying before, about people who claim to be gay. This once agin traces back to God’s creation. God created man to be with woman and woman to be with man. So what in the world gives us the right to determine what we want to be or do? Huh? God created us, therefore, it’s His will, NOT ours! The most popular argument I hear is, “ if God doesn’t want this, then why does it happen?” Well, the answer is, God gave us free will. And with this free will, that’s been givin to us, we can choose to do the right thing, or the wrong thing. Heaven or Hell. God gave us free will, because He wants us to love him, and do what’s right genuinely.. not forced. He wants our love for Him to be genuine and true. We can choose to do right, or we can choose to do wrong, God or Satan, Heaven or Hell. When people say,  “ Satan made me do it.  They  are being utterly ridiculous. Satan tempts you, you choose freely, to do wrong.  This again goes back to free will, we freely choose to do right or wrong, we aren’t forced into either.For any one who is struggling with this, or knows someone who is, the best thing you can do, is “Pray, hope and don’t worry!”-St. Padre Pio.                       Seek God’s mercy, and forgiveness. He will forgive you! Do not be afraid, God loves every single one of us deeply, and dearly, should we not do the same? Let’s strive to do right, and make a difference in the world! For the better, of course.

May God bless all who read this, and anyone who feels as thought they have done wrong towards God, may they go and seek His everlasting mercy! Find forgiveness in the Lord!

God Love You!

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