Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been going through a rough time… this post will be relatively short, but I hope you enjoy!

A while back, I remember seeing lots of people wearing wristbands,
that said”WWJD” and this stood for,”What Would Jesus Do” Now, I’ve
stopped seeing those wristbands, which come to think of that is
actually quite sad. If everyone was to ask themselves before doing
something,”What would Jesus do?” Then this world would probably be a
much better place, than it is now.
But, now, lots of, but not all, people, are very self-centered, not
caring about what affects, their actions may have on other people.
Just take abortion for an example. People, don’t care if they Murder
their child, God’s handmade creation!! They, only care about what they
want, or what’s best for them. Some people, as I have heard in my own
experience, use the excuse of,”I don’t have the money r time to take
care of the baby, and give it the life it deserves.” Well, not only
could you give it up for adoption, but, don’t you remember when Jesus
said,”Ask and you shall receive.”?? God never leaves His children, He
created them, He will NEVER leave us stranded, He is ALWAYS with us.
It may be hard to see, but He is. So, honestly their is no need for
abortion whatsoever. There’s a multitude of solutions, other than
murder, Ask yourself What would Jesus do”
In anytime of trouble, or doubt, think to yourself,”WWJD, What would
Jesus do?” And really ponder this question.
So children, adults, mothers, Fathers, Priests, Deacons, Religious
EVERYONE!!! Next time you are faced with a decision, or put in a tough
situation ask yourself,”What would Jesus do?”
If we all were to ask ourselves,What would Jesus do, then, this world
would most likely be in a much better state than it is now.
Remember, WWJD What would Jesus do?


One thought on “WWJD?

  1. Ah, the WWJD craze…I remember it well…many young people ran around with WWJD bracelets and pins…it was very popular among the Church Youth Groups…it was an attempt to bring Jesus into the here and now…to have kids…mostly teens thinking What Would Jesus Do if He were here…if HE were in my place. Nice concept but sadly, like you mentioned, it has fallen away only to be replaced with some other fad. But what remains is the Question….What Would Jesus Do? That’s a good one…I like to think when I have a difficult situation or some problem that I need guidance with, I tend to pray. I ask God for help…just a simple nudge in in the right direction…and instead of WWJD, I ask What is it that Jesus wants me to do. I know, it’s a tad bit long for a bracelet or a trendy little button, but it is what I do. I think if more people asked “Jesus, what Do You Want Me To Do?”… it would solve many of those same problems you wrote about. Keep us posted during the summer. God Bless.

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