The Story of Jim

I had to write some creative stories for a writing class, following a multitude of proverbs. So I thought that I would share mine on my blog. The particular story follows the proverb,”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” So hope you enjoy!

One day as Jim was walking to school he received a text from his mother telling him that he had forgotten his homework on the kitchen table. His mother also included that he had only completed one page, she told him that he was in big trouble and needed to come straight home after school. He sighed and continued walking. After class had ended, his teacher had asked him to stay afterwards. Jim remained seated until after all the other children had left. Jim was staring at his desk when he heard his teacher say, “Jim would you please come to the front of the class?”

Jim got up and slowly walked to the front. Upon reaching the teacher’s desk his teacher said, “Jim, i have noticed that your grade has been steadily declining in my class, i do not want you to fail, so i am willing to give you some extra credit, if you are interested. Now, i have another class that is about to start so we will discuss this later, here is a pass if your teacher asks why you are late to their class. Goodbye now, we’ll speak soon.” Jim grabs the pass, exits the classroom, and slowly walks down the hall to his next class, Algebra 1. When Jim arrives at math class, they had already begun. He entered the classroom, and everyone turned and stared at him. His teacher Mrs. Pierre turns and looking at Jim said in a kind voice, “I assume you have a good reason for being late, but whatever that reason may be, it can wait until after class, now take a seat.” After class Jim remained seated as Mrs.Pierre had said. Jim handed her the slip and Mrs. Pierre said, “Jim I know it has been hard for you since your father died and as far as I am concerned your teachers and I have been quite reasonable.You have fallen behind in your homework by a couple of weeks, I know that it’ll take same time before you have fully recovered, but I would like to see some of your homework being turned into me.” And with that, she sent him off to his next class. Jim arrived at English just in the nick of time. He took a seat, and learned all about the Trojan War. After class, once again, his teacher asked him to stay behind. He sighed crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat, all out of annoyance. His teacher came up to him and said, “Jim, I know it must be really hard on you and your family, having lost your sister, Jackie. I have noticed that you have fallen quite behind in your work, and i am afraid that I will have to set an official due date for your essay, that was due last week. Now I know that if you try your best, you can complete in less than a week. However, I will give you two weeks to get your essay turned into me. Now hurry on to your next class.” Jim begins to walk to his next class which is U.S History, with Mr. Jeffery. Upon arriving to class, Mr. Jeffery sees Jim walk in late, he turns and tells him that he is late and that he needs to quickly get his notebook and pencil out, and take notes. Jim refuses to do so, and in response to this refusal, Mr. Jeffery tells him to stay behind after class. So then again as the teacher requested, but with hesitance Jim stays behind in his seat, as all the other students leave. Mr. Jeffrey goes to his desk, sits down, and motions Jim over to his desk saying, “Jim come here please.” Jim gets up and with a rude smirk on his face and begins walking to the teachers desk. Mr. Jeffrey says, “Jim, I know that it must and is pretty hard having lost your dog Rover. You are currently failing my class, with a grade of twenty-eight percent. I am also, as your other teachers willing to give you extra work so you are able to make up your grade, but you have to try.” Jim looks at the teacher, rolls his eyes and sighs., “Jim, now you must hurry along, here is some work to help make up your grade, come to me if you have any questions.” Says the teacher. Jim grabs the paper and exits the class. Now, instead of taking the work to help improve his grade, Jim finds a trash can outside of the class and balls it all up, and throws them into it. He continues his path to his next class, which this is his last class of the day, and is where he gets to eat his lunch. When Jim arrives to the class, the class is getting settled in to begin working. This class, is Spanish, with Mrs. Garcia. This is the only class that Jim was not failing, because he was fluent in Spanish, and had to do minimal work, but he still passed with a grade of 93 percent. After about 30 mins in class, it was finally lunchtime. But, as the class was about to exit the door the phone rings, and Mrs. Garcia shouts, “Stop, the phone is ringing, please wait.” The class stops and the teacher picks up the phone. It’s the principal, he says, “Please send Jim John Harris to my office.” Mrs. Garcia says, “Okay” and tells Jim to go to the principal’s office, because he is awaiting him. Jim, steps out of line as all the other kids glare and gasp. When Jim reaches the office the principal says, “Mr. Jim John Harris… your grades in this school our horrendous, with the exception of Spanish, I understand that it is hard and heart wrenching having lost your father, sister, dog, and just yesterday your grandfather. But, this is your last year in high school, and your grades will forever affect your future. Your teachers have given you a multitude of opportunities to bring up your grades, from giving you extra credit, to extending due dates for assignments. If you do not improve your work ethic by the end of this week, I will have to put you into grade recovery which will eat up a lot of your time, and not allow you to participate in any extracurricular activities. I really do not want to resort to this, because the Basketball team really does need you this season, and it will be horrible, but after all, school is first and then comes fun and pleasures. Please get your work done, and do it right! I will be giving your mother a phone call, to let her know the logistics of this situation, but until then please try your hardest to bring your grades up, and improve your work ethic. Now hurry along to your lunch.” This whole time Jim did not say anything or respond to what the principal was saying he just sat and nodded. After lunch, while the class was walking back to the classroom he felt a buzz in his pocket, it was his phone. He asked to use the restroom, although he did not have to, he just wanted to see who he got a text message from. His teacher permitted his request. He walked into the bathroom, and pulled out his phone to see that his mom had texted him saying, “JIM JOHN HARRIS! I just got a phone call from your principal saying that your work ethic is HORRIBLE! This is unacceptable! When you get home, you better have all your makeup and extra credit work with you, and you are going to work on it until it is finished, and you will not be allowed to go to your basketball game tomorrow, or going to your normal Saturday movie night tomorrow either. You are to come home directly after school, don’t bother asking if you can go anywhere! You will not be allowed to do anything you want, until you do the things that you need to do.” Jim responded with, “Yes Ma’am” and left to return to his classroom. When the final bell of the day rang, all the children grabbed their belongings, and left the class to go to their homes, or extracurricular activities. All his friends were looking at him wondering why he was not getting ready to go to practice, but they didn’t say anything to him, they just went about their business as did he. He, as his mother said went straight home. When he arrived home his mother was very disappointed and angry with her son, because she knows that he can do so much better. She said, when he walked in, “Son, I know that it is hard having lost your Father your sister, your dog, and your grandfather, it is hard for me too. But, do you see me slacking on my responsibilities? No you don’t because I use my responsibilities as an escape, and coping mechanism, as should you. Don’t mope around in sadness, even when it is hard, God has your back, he’ll be there for you, even when you don’t feel like he is, Now get to working NOW!” Jim, pretending to listen and follow directions grabs his book bag, that was thrown on the floor and walks to his bedroom, where instead of doing what his mother said for him to do, he grabbed his phone, and began scrolling through social media. When his mother walked in, seeing that he had not even begun to work on his work, that was provided for him to bring up his grades, she got extremely upset. Her face turned bright red, she clenched her fist, and yelled, “Son you better get that work done now, do you really want to fail your last year of High school, right before you go to college? I don’t want you to fail! This is utterly ridiculous, the fact that you are literally being lended a hand, leading you easily down the right path, but you are choosing to ignore this and do whatever you want to do, not even thinking of your future! I can’t even begin to express to you how upset this makes me. You are so much better than this! I don’t understand, everything is being handed to you, but you are completely refusing it. This is so frustrating! You have no clue!” She reaches her hand out towards the boy, and said, “Give me your phone young man! You will not be getting this back until you have A’s and B’s in all your classes” Jim sighs, rolls his eyes, and gives his mom his phone. Mrs. Harris, goes to her home phone and dials her mother’s phone number, when it answers she says, “Momma, I just don’t understand, Jim is being given everything he needs to improve his work ethic and grades, but is refusing to do anything, to benefit himself.” Her moms responds with, “You know hon, it’s not your fault, he is dealing with a lot of things, and so are you. You have to remember something…” “Yeah momma that’s true it’s just hard. What do I have to remember..?” Mrs.Harris asks. Her mom answers with this, “Hon, you have to remember that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!” “WOW! Mom that’s so true, if he chooses to not do his work then that is on him, not me. In other words, he can choose to drink or not to drink. Well, thanks. I’ve got to run now love you.” “Love you too” her mom says, and they hang up the phone. Mrs. Harris thinks to herself, “Well, my mom was right, if Jim does not want to take his education, work ethic, and grades seriously then I can’t force him to, it’s just going to make everything harder on him, the teachers, and myself. So if he really is serious about passing he will do what he has to, he will drink, and if not I can’t force him, I can’t make him drink.”

She ponders this for a bit than forgets about it, and leaves the situation alone to resolve itself


The End

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