Friendship isn’t about distance, It’s about the Heart!

This is another story that I wrote for the same writing class, and I thought that I would share it. If you can’t tell, I really love writing! Hope you enjoy!


*** Two friends are texting each other Lizzy and  Hannah , they are both in Middle school, except the downside is the fact that Lizzie is in 7th and Hannah is in 8th. Hannah is leaving at the end of this year, and Lizzy is on vacation in California, for spring break, while Hannah is still in Florida. It’s 9pm in Florida, and therefore, 6pm in California.
Lizzy: Hey Hannah……
Hannah: Oh hey Liz. How’s your trip going?
Lizzy: Fine I guess, I miss you!
Hannah: I miss you too.
Lizzy: I have to go, I have to go feed my dog, call me in like five minutes, I have to tell you something, REALLY important!
Hannah: Okay talk to you soon!
Lizzy: Bye!
Lizzy, didn’t really have to feed her dog, but she was just buying herself some time, to break some bad news to her friend. She has no idea how she is going to break this to her!
“RING RING RING!!” Lizzie’s phone begins to ring, it’s Hannah She answers,” Hello……?” “Hey Liz!” replies Hannah.” I have something to tell you, but I am worried about how you are going to take this.” Just tell me already!” says Hannah.” Well, I am moving.” Oh yeah! You mean like moving closer to my house, right? Like you said you were going to try to do? Says Hannah.” Um. Well, not exactly, I just found out today, that the reason we came out here to California, was because my dad was looking for a new job. I now we aren’t that close, but it is still going to be heartbreaking, not being able to hang out with you anymore after school and stuff!” What!? No way, that can’t happen, what am I going to do without you? I mean yeah, like I said we aren’t really that close, but how can we get any closer if you aren’t even going to be around? Replies Hannah. “well, Hannah, I really don’t know right now, but we have our stuff from our house being shipped over here, to our new house so yeah anyways, I have to go, my Mom is calling! Says Lizzie.” Oh okay then talk with you later than.” Hannah says.
This time, Lizzie actually did have to go, but she was so devastated, having to break that news, that she began to cry. So by the time she reached downstairs, where her parents were setting up little by little pieces of furniture, that had recently been delivered, her face was bright red and blotchy, and tears were still rolling own her face.” Oh my, dear what is wrong? Why are you crying? Asked her mother.” Well, mom…It’s just hard, having to leave Hannah, I mean I know we aren’t that close but it’s still going to be hard leaving her, and not being able to hang out with her anymore, face to face at least.” Says Lizzie. Her mom says,” Well, Hon it’s okay, I am sure that you will be able to see her again, sometime everything will be alright, after all, you do have a phone, and so does she so you can still talk and text with her, when you can. Everything will be alright! Now stop crying and hurry and get your stuff from those boxes, and take them to your new room, and begin to set it up!” Yeah momma your right, it’s not the end of the world, moving away from Hannah, I mean I’m sure we will be able to see each other again, well bye now, I am going to go and start working on my room” Says Lizzie.” Okay Hon see you later.” Says her Mom.
While Liz is organizing and setting up her new bedroom, she thinks to herself, “I must tell Hannah Goodbye in a sincere way, telling her how much that I will miss her a lot!” So she sits down in her chair, grabs her phone, finds Lizzie in her contacts, and begins to write her a poem it reads,” I know we have to part for now. But our paths will cross again, yeah I know it’s such a shame I don’t quite know when or where but we have had some great times that we have shared. Our Memories I will treasure. You have made me so happy, more than I can measure” She hits send and about 5 minutes later she gets a response from Hannah that reads,” Yeah, I know we have not known each other for that long yet, but I can bet that, though 2,630.4 miles are in between us. We will never fall apart; friendship isn’t measured in distance it’s measured in the Heart! Hope we can grow closer over time…… Love Hannah.” Liz thought to herself,” WOW! She is so sweet, I really hope as well, that we can grow closer over time.” She responded back to Hannah with,” Hey… I really loved your poem, it was really touching, it made me smile! I too hope we can grow closer over time, Well, anyways, I’ve got to go, it is dinner time, and I have to help clean after so I will talk with you some other time.” “Okay Bye” replies Hannah.
The Next Morning
Lizzie wakes up to the smell of eggs, bacon, waffles and toast and her mom calling her downstairs to eat it. She runs downstairs sits at the table, but before digging into the wonderful looking and smelling food, her and her parents say the blessing, begging with the Sign of the Cross,” In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ Our Lord. Amen.” She and her family, than dug into their delicious food. “BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!” Liz’s phone goes off. She walks to see what it is, and sees that she has a message from Hannah that says,” Good Morning Liz! Just saying good morn, and telling you that I hope your day goes good!I was thinking that maybe we could be pen pals, I think that would be cool I know it takes longer then texting but, at least we can cherish the letters on paper, and keep them forever. Here’s my address 4454 Mechling Road 3222 Jacksonville Florida. Hope to hear from you soon! Send me your address, so i can send you a letter soon. Talk with you hopefully soon, Hannah.” “Aw…” Says Liz, after reading the message. She responds with,” Yeah I would love to be pen pals, my address is 5743 Madrid Lane. Hope to hear from you soon, I’ll chat with you later!” She clicks send, and continues to eat breakfast. Her mom looks over, o ask Liz what it was,” Oh nothing, just a good morning message from Hannah” She replies. “Oh, well great Hon see, you’re getting closer already” Her mom says, while she giggles. The family finishes their meal, and begins to clean up the kitchen.
Overtime, the girls talk more and more till one day, a few years later
A phone begins to ring, but this time, surprisingly it’s not liz’s. Instead it’s her moms phone. Her mom goes to answer the phone, she picks it up and says,”Hello this is Maureen… how may I help you?” A voice responds,” Oh yes, hi Maureen, this is Mrs. Jennings, Hannah’s mom” Oh hi, how are you today?” Maureen says,” Fine, but I have a question for you.” State’s Mrs. Jennings. “Great what is it?” Well,….. You know how the girls have gotten closer over the last few years.””Yes” “Well, I’ve been thinking lately…. How awesome would it be for Hannah and I to come out there, for a couple of weeks, and surprise Liz?” OH MY! That would be awesome! Have you discussed this with Hannah?” Nope… I am going to try to surprise her!” WHelp then ya’ll better get packing, because it sounds like a plan! I’ll email you some more statistics, and logistics, regarding this plan, and we can discuss it then” says Mrs. Jennings.” Okay, bye now” “Bye!” The phone is hung up, and with a smile Maureen walks to lis’z room, to tell her to clean her room. When she does this, immediately following her command Liz begins to clean.
The next day, Maureen receives an email from Mrs. Jennings, tha reads.” Dear Maureen, i know this is short notice but, hope you don’t mind we have a flight to California that is to take off tonight and get there tomorrow morning at 10:00 in the morning. SO let me know if you can pick us up or if I need to rent a car. Talk with ya soon, Jennings.” Maureen replies immediately, saying,” Nope, that’s fine, we will be there to pick you up at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow! Maureen. She gets a simple reply of, “Mkay” and moves on with her day, making sure her daughter does not catch on to the surprise.
10am the next morning
Maureen, leaving her daughter at home telling her she was going to pick somethings up from the store leaves to go pick up the two young ladies. By the time they got to Maureen’s house it was noon. THey grabbed all the bags from the car, except for Hannah, who ran straight into the house, to find Liz she goes in screaming,” Lizzie! It’s me! I’m here!” What!? Shouts Liz and runs down the stairs,. She begins to cry, and so does Hannah, they run and hug each other. After the girls settled down with their emotions, they talked. Hannah said to Liz,” Well, i don’t think that we would have ever grown this close, if it wasn’t for you moving away” Yeah you’re right it’s been super awesome growing closer to you over time, and becoming finder of you.” Replies Liz. The two girls say simultaneously,” Absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

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