Why Sugar?

So, a little while ago I came up with this quote, it reads,”Jesus is my sugar, he gives me the joy and Peace that no one, or nothing can!” Well, I’ve been asked, Why sugar? and where did you come up with this quote? And i just thought, that I might as well share it on my blog, so here it goes!…

Well, about a month and a half ago, I was walking to the car, from leaving a Saturday night Mass, with a lady. I was really hipper, as I always am after mass or any Church event I go to. I was jumping around, and talking REALLY fast!Keep in mind, that this was before I was confirmed, and received my First Holy Communion, which is a post in it of its self, which I will be posting in a few! She said,”Paige, how much sugar have you had today?” I replied with,” None! Jesus is my sugar!” She smiled, and chuckled, and there it was the first part of my quote was made. Then about a week or so later, on a Saturday morning in Adoration at 6:00 o’clock in the morning, I was thinking to myself,”Wow Lord! You make me SO happy! like no one else and nothing else has ever, and will ever! and WOW Lord! When I am near your TRUE presence and feel you near, and even when I don’t You give me The Peace that no one else, and nothing else has or will ever!” After My Holy Hour, we got back into the car, and I thought, and as we were driving home we talk, and I think. Eventually, of course we arrive at my house. I go inside and sit on the couch, still pondering what I had thought about in Adoration.

On Saturdays back then, not anymore, I would go to Mass, with the same lady, at 5:30, I LOVED IT! So, when she came to pick me up that night, for Holy Mass, I told her, I said,” Jesus is my sugar, he gives me the Joy and Peace that no one or nothing can!”And there it was My very own quote was born! Ever since then, I say it ALL THE TIME, and I mean ALL THE TIME!

Since the post is relatively short, compared to my past post, I thought that I would leave you with some poems that I have written. Now before I do this, i would just like to say that I LOVE WRITING POEMS, and SONGS! They are really easy ways, besides writing in a journal, to express myself, especially when I go through a rough, not so green patch of grass in my Life, so here is one…..

He loves you and me!


God loves you and me
He died upon the tree
He shed His blood on Calvary
That we all may be free

Free from eternal death
Free from sin and shame
Free to live forever
To call upon God’s name

We can call in time of trouble
He’ll listen when we’re sad
He’ll be there when we need him
To save us from the bad.

God loves you so very much
Accept Him now today
Kneel down and close your eyes
And this is what you say:

I am sorry for my sin
Forgive me Lord today
I want to live for you
To live for you always


And through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, and Her most Chaste Spouse Have A blessed rest of your week, and spread the good message of the Lord!!!


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