My Story

Hello everyone!

My Name is Paige, and i have recently became a fully initiated Catholic! I was born in January of 2005. My moms side of the family is mostly spread out religion wise and only some of my Aunts Uncles, and cousins are still practicing. When I was one year old, my moms Aunt and my cousin, insisted on getting me baptized in the Catholic Church. So after a bit of convincing, I was baptized on March 19.2006 at a Catholic Church in San Diego California, which is actually my home town. Well, my dad is in the military, so we move A Lot! Throughout my younger years we moved all throughout California, and all this time, I really didn’t know the wonderfulness of the Catholic Church. I used to go to Mass with my Aunt, but I was younger so i never really paid much attention, and was always coloring or reading  book. And i never really knew how amazing the Church was. All this time my parents never went to church and my Dads side of the family, is all different branches of Protestant. In 2015, on my tenth birthday we arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, because my Dad was re-stationed. We lived in military housing in Mayport. I began school at Mayport Elementary school Coastal science Academy. It was in the middle of the school year, and i was in 4th grade. I didn’t, and i still don’t have much friends in school, but that isn’t really my biggest concern. One day, my dad mom sister and I decided to go house hunting, looking to buy a house of our own to call a home. We weren’t really planning on buying a house that day, but it happened, so i guess it was all a part of the Lord’s plan. I say this because a few months later, my mom got a new job, and e needed to find a sitter. We had looked every where. Eventually my parents checked out, and found our babysitter. Her name is Morgan. She began babysitting us and taking us to school. A few months later, it was a Sunday Evening, when there was a knock on our door. It was Morgan coming to pick up her paycheck for that week.She had brought along her younger sister Megan, because they were on there way to Youth group at Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church. I will never forget this day, because it is the day that started it all! She asked if i wanted to go, but I had to ask my dad first.So, I did and he said yes.

When I got home that night I felt SO AMAZING!, and wanted to keep going. So we made it our thing. Every Sunday she picked me up at the same time, 6:45 and we went. Then after maybe a month or to I began to go to Mass with her. I eventually met the Priest, Father. Denis, who is so amazing and kind, and the Deacon, Deacon Paul. After i grew more and more intrigued  with the Mass, i wanted to receive my First Holy Communion. We had talked to the Priest and Deacon, and I went home and asked my parents to allow me to go through RCIA. They said they didn’t care and that I could. So a few weeks later I began class. I did this class for a really long time, people came and go, but I stayed and never left.In February of 2018, I went down to Saint Augustine, to do my Rite of Election. I was so excited, because I was finally going to be able to receive Our Lord, in the Blessed Sacrament. I will never forget the day, when i found out, not only was I going to be receiving First Communion, I was also going to be confirmed. So i began to think about my Confirmation Saint, which wasn’t really that hard,I mean I was baptized on his feast Day, and he is St. Joseph, the Earthly Father of Jesus. So, it was settled, I chose St. Joseph!

The day was inching closer ad close, I was so excited!!!! Eventually, which felt like FOREVER! The day came. March 31st.2018!(The Easter Vigil) I will never forget it! There was so many people there. All supporting me. I was Confirmed, which i didn’t cry at that Point, but, my friend Sienna who was there did!:) But, when it came time for the consecration, I balled my eyes out. We got to kneel o the Communion rail, and receive on the tongue, it was so amazing! The moment i received Jesus I felt this amazing amount of Joy. And i can’t believe it, but my parents aren’t even Catholic and aren’t even religious at all, but I made it through this entire process with the help and support of so many people!

I am currently going through a lot of stuff right now but, i have tons and tons of supporters behind me every step of the way so, with the help of them and Our Lord, I know that I can make it through and come out better than I went in, stronger and more wise.






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