This Woman

I’m very sorry, that I haven’t  been posting often, it’s just I’ve had A WHOLE LOT, that’s been going in, and I’ve been trying to figure things out. So I finally cleared my mind just enough to post something. I will try and post more often, but I can’t make any promises, I hope God blesses you and your family abundantly!!!

This is a free verse poem, with really no structure. I just wrote it because this woman has had such a big impact on my life! This woman has showed me that, yes God exist and He is living in the world today! He loves each of us dearly and deeply. He puts that special person in our lives to lead us closer to Him, and sometimes that can be more than one person as well. Who’s that person in your life? Do you thank God for them? Do you thank them? If not you should do both. O how He loves us He loves us so much! He created us, and He DIED FOR US!! He is the greatest friend, He laid down His life for us, so we could be with Him for ALL eternity! God bless you all!!!

“This Woman”

Sadly when a mother isn’t the best, you tend to seek a motherly figure, who shakes you by the shoulders, when you are sad and letting the evil one suck the joy out of you, and tell you to snap out of it. And I am happy to say, that, by the grace of God,
I found this woman!
Shes the one who helped me through troubles, she’s the one who listened to my fears and worries, and wiped away my tears.
She’s the one I go to. She’s the one, who says I love you back, when my mom is in to much of a rush to say it, or doesn’t care,she’s the one who I cry out to fo r a slap in the face to stop wallowing in sorrow,she’s the one who’s been there. She’s the one who goes out of her way to take me to Mass, she wakes up at 4am to take me to Adoration on Saturdays. She came to my First Holy communion and none of my family did.
She’s told me to just breathe, when I feel as though I’m drowning.
She’s picked up the phone, at odd hours of the night, because I call and am in need of someone to talk to.
Through all of this craziness, in my life of a 13 year old, she has been my lifeline, my everything!
This woman,
She is
An amazing woman, I tell you.
To be able to, with the troubles of her own CRAZY life, she still manages to help me, she still manages to make time for me, when my mom doesn’t.
This woman, is a true blessing and gift from God whom I thank God everyday for putting her in my life.

Hope You enjoyed!!



A few prayers that I have written

Here below are two prayers, that I myself have written. In the first prayer you may notice a familiar phrase… for any who have or have heard of a Pieta prayer booklet.  That phrase is..“Jesus Mary, I love you, save souls!” Anyways here are the prayers, enjoy, and God Love you!

O Jesus, bread of life,light of my world, love of my soul, live in me today, tomorrow, forever, and always. Guide me to do thy will, give me the strength to bare my cross, help me to know your will, and your will only. O Jesus how I love thee, O Jesus how I adore thee, O Jesus how I trust in Thee, help me to stay strong, give me strength to carry on. O my Jesus, I adore thee, I love thee, I trust in thee, and I believe in thee.
Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls!

Mamma Mary,
Hold me in your motherly embrace, protect me, guide me to your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
O virgin of all virgins, watch over me and my family, leading them all to Christ. Hold them in a motherly embrace, never leaving their sides, show them you are there, help them to believe.
O Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of mine, present my prayers and intentions to my Lord.
Mamma hold me, mamma guide me, mamma be with me till the end.

Hope you enjoyed!


This is Very Bothersome


Have you ever just been so bothered by something, and it just keeps boiling inside of you…and even sometimes, you can’t even sleep? Well, I have. And this something that is bothering me, causing me sleepless nights.. is people distorting God’s creation, and the way life is supposed to go, they way God made it to work! This is done, sadly in many many ways. Take for example, transgenderism. God created man in the image and likeness of Him. When God creates something, is it perfect? The answer is, yes, yes it is. And if something is perfect, does it need alterations? No, no it does not. So, if God’s creation is perfect, and something perfect doesn’t need alterations… then why do we feel the need to “change” our gender?, become something that we are not, something God didn’t create us as. Notice how I put change in quotations? Well, I did that because we can’t  change what God has made.We can’t change something we did not create, and have no control over, now can we. Again, the answer is no, no we cannot. An example is a faucet. You can break, ruin, distort, and remove a faucet… but in the end, what will it be? A FAUCET! It is and always will be a faucet. This is just the same as, how God created a man to be a man, and a woman to be a woman, nothing less, nothing more, and nothing different. You can change what you appear to be on the outside, but not on the inside. You will always be what you were born as, what God made you. Weather that be a man or a woman. You can pretend to be something on the outside, but God knows your inside.. and what  He created you to be. Another issue, that sadly is very present in this world, is people who claim to be gay. May I remind you that this word use to mean happy… but this world, changed it to mean something totally different… something that goes against What God made. Now, me writing this… in no way, am I targeting anyone, and nor do I hate these people. For they are God’s children too. And as a Christian Catholic, I am commanded to love everyone… as is everyone. I don’t hate anyone!!!  Jesus ate with sinners and criminals. And what did he do?Did he hate them? No,  but instead he loved them dearly,I just needed to say that, and set that straight. Anyways, continuing on about what I was saying before, about people who claim to be gay. This once agin traces back to God’s creation. God created man to be with woman and woman to be with man. So what in the world gives us the right to determine what we want to be or do? Huh? God created us, therefore, it’s His will, NOT ours! The most popular argument I hear is, “ if God doesn’t want this, then why does it happen?” Well, the answer is, God gave us free will. And with this free will, that’s been givin to us, we can choose to do the right thing, or the wrong thing. Heaven or Hell. God gave us free will, because He wants us to love him, and do what’s right genuinely.. not forced. He wants our love for Him to be genuine and true. We can choose to do right, or we can choose to do wrong, God or Satan, Heaven or Hell. When people say,  “ Satan made me do it.  They  are being utterly ridiculous. Satan tempts you, you choose freely, to do wrong.  This again goes back to free will, we freely choose to do right or wrong, we aren’t forced into either.For any one who is struggling with this, or knows someone who is, the best thing you can do, is “Pray, hope and don’t worry!”-St. Padre Pio.                       Seek God’s mercy, and forgiveness. He will forgive you! Do not be afraid, God loves every single one of us deeply, and dearly, should we not do the same? Let’s strive to do right, and make a difference in the world! For the better, of course.

May God bless all who read this, and anyone who feels as thought they have done wrong towards God, may they go and seek His everlasting mercy! Find forgiveness in the Lord!

God Love You!


Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been going through a rough time… this post will be relatively short, but I hope you enjoy!

A while back, I remember seeing lots of people wearing wristbands,
that said”WWJD” and this stood for,”What Would Jesus Do” Now, I’ve
stopped seeing those wristbands, which come to think of that is
actually quite sad. If everyone was to ask themselves before doing
something,”What would Jesus do?” Then this world would probably be a
much better place, than it is now.
But, now, lots of, but not all, people, are very self-centered, not
caring about what affects, their actions may have on other people.
Just take abortion for an example. People, don’t care if they Murder
their child, God’s handmade creation!! They, only care about what they
want, or what’s best for them. Some people, as I have heard in my own
experience, use the excuse of,”I don’t have the money r time to take
care of the baby, and give it the life it deserves.” Well, not only
could you give it up for adoption, but, don’t you remember when Jesus
said,”Ask and you shall receive.”?? God never leaves His children, He
created them, He will NEVER leave us stranded, He is ALWAYS with us.
It may be hard to see, but He is. So, honestly their is no need for
abortion whatsoever. There’s a multitude of solutions, other than
murder, Ask yourself What would Jesus do”
In anytime of trouble, or doubt, think to yourself,”WWJD, What would
Jesus do?” And really ponder this question.
So children, adults, mothers, Fathers, Priests, Deacons, Religious
EVERYONE!!! Next time you are faced with a decision, or put in a tough
situation ask yourself,”What would Jesus do?”
If we all were to ask ourselves,What would Jesus do, then, this world
would most likely be in a much better state than it is now.
Remember, WWJD What would Jesus do?


The Feast Day Of St. Dymphna

Dymphna was born in Ireland sometime in the seventh century to a pagan father and devout Christian mother. When she was fourteen, she consecrated herself to Christ and took a vow of chastity. Soon afterward, her mother died and her father – who had loved his wife deeply – began to suffer a rapid deterioration of his mental stability.

So unhinged was Dymphna’s father, Damon, that the King’s counselors suggested he remarry. Though he was still grieving for his wife, he agreed to remarry if a woman as beautiful as she could be found.

Damon sent messengers throughout his town and other lands to find woman of noble birth who resembled his wife and would be willing to marry him, but when none could be found, his evil advisors whispered sinful suggestions to marry his own daughter. So twisted were Damon’s thoughts that he recognized only his wife when he looked upon Dymphna, and so he consented to the arrangement.

When she heard of her father’s misguided plot, Dymphna fled her castle with her confessor, a priest named Gerebran, two trusted servants, and the king’s fool. The group sailed toward what is now called Belgium, and hid in the town of Geel.

Though it becomes uncertain what exactly happened next, the best-known version claims the group settled in Geel, where Dymphna built a hospital for the poor and sick, but in using her wealth, her father was able to discover her location.

When Damon found his daughter was in Belgium, he traveled to Geel and captured them. He ordered the priest’s head to be separated from his body and attempted to convince Dymphna to return to Ireland and marry him.

When Dymphna refused, Damon became enraged and drew his sword. He struck Dymphna’s head from her shoulders and left her there. When she died, Dymphna was only fifteen-years-old. After her father left Geel, the residents collected both Dymphna and Gerebran’s remains and laid them to rest in a cave.

In defense of her purity, Dymphna received the crown of martyrdom around the year 620 and became known as the “Lily of Éire. In 1349, a church honoring St. Dymphna was built in Geel, and by 1480, so many pilgrims were arriving in need of treatment for mental ills, that the church was expanded. The expanded sanctuary was eventually overflowing again, leaving the townspeople to accept them into their homes, which began a tradition of care for the mentally ill that continues to this day.

Unfortunately, in the 15th century, the original St. Dymphna Church in Geel burned to the ground, and the magnificent Church of St. Dymphna was erected and consecrated in 1532, where it still stands above the location her body was originally buried.

Many miracles have been proven to take place at her shrine in the church erected in her honor, and her remains were placed in a silver reliquary in the church. Some of her remains can also be found at the Shrine to Saint Dymphna in the United States.

The priest who had helped Dymphna was also sainted, and his remains were moved to Xanten, Germany.

The United States National Shrine of Saint Dymphna is at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Massillon, Ohio and St. Dymphna’s Special School can be found in ballina, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

Saint Dymphna is the patroness of those suffering nervous and mental afflictions as well as victims of incest.

Traditionally, Saint Dymphna is often portrayed with a crown on her head, dressed in royal robes, and holding a sword. In modern art, Saint Dymphna is shown holding the sword, which symbolizes her martyrdom, quite awkwardly. She is also often shown holding a lamp, while some holy cards feature her wearing green and white, holding a book and white lilies.

Hear us, O God, Our Saviour, as we honor St. Dymphna, patron of those afflicted with mental and emotional illness. Help us to be inspired by her example and comforted by her merciful help. Amen.

Friendship isn’t about distance, It’s about the Heart!

This is another story that I wrote for the same writing class, and I thought that I would share it. If you can’t tell, I really love writing! Hope you enjoy!


*** Two friends are texting each other Lizzy and  Hannah , they are both in Middle school, except the downside is the fact that Lizzie is in 7th and Hannah is in 8th. Hannah is leaving at the end of this year, and Lizzy is on vacation in California, for spring break, while Hannah is still in Florida. It’s 9pm in Florida, and therefore, 6pm in California.
Lizzy: Hey Hannah……
Hannah: Oh hey Liz. How’s your trip going?
Lizzy: Fine I guess, I miss you!
Hannah: I miss you too.
Lizzy: I have to go, I have to go feed my dog, call me in like five minutes, I have to tell you something, REALLY important!
Hannah: Okay talk to you soon!
Lizzy: Bye!
Lizzy, didn’t really have to feed her dog, but she was just buying herself some time, to break some bad news to her friend. She has no idea how she is going to break this to her!
“RING RING RING!!” Lizzie’s phone begins to ring, it’s Hannah She answers,” Hello……?” “Hey Liz!” replies Hannah.” I have something to tell you, but I am worried about how you are going to take this.” Just tell me already!” says Hannah.” Well, I am moving.” Oh yeah! You mean like moving closer to my house, right? Like you said you were going to try to do? Says Hannah.” Um. Well, not exactly, I just found out today, that the reason we came out here to California, was because my dad was looking for a new job. I now we aren’t that close, but it is still going to be heartbreaking, not being able to hang out with you anymore after school and stuff!” What!? No way, that can’t happen, what am I going to do without you? I mean yeah, like I said we aren’t really that close, but how can we get any closer if you aren’t even going to be around? Replies Hannah. “well, Hannah, I really don’t know right now, but we have our stuff from our house being shipped over here, to our new house so yeah anyways, I have to go, my Mom is calling! Says Lizzie.” Oh okay then talk with you later than.” Hannah says.
This time, Lizzie actually did have to go, but she was so devastated, having to break that news, that she began to cry. So by the time she reached downstairs, where her parents were setting up little by little pieces of furniture, that had recently been delivered, her face was bright red and blotchy, and tears were still rolling own her face.” Oh my, dear what is wrong? Why are you crying? Asked her mother.” Well, mom…It’s just hard, having to leave Hannah, I mean I know we aren’t that close but it’s still going to be hard leaving her, and not being able to hang out with her anymore, face to face at least.” Says Lizzie. Her mom says,” Well, Hon it’s okay, I am sure that you will be able to see her again, sometime everything will be alright, after all, you do have a phone, and so does she so you can still talk and text with her, when you can. Everything will be alright! Now stop crying and hurry and get your stuff from those boxes, and take them to your new room, and begin to set it up!” Yeah momma your right, it’s not the end of the world, moving away from Hannah, I mean I’m sure we will be able to see each other again, well bye now, I am going to go and start working on my room” Says Lizzie.” Okay Hon see you later.” Says her Mom.
While Liz is organizing and setting up her new bedroom, she thinks to herself, “I must tell Hannah Goodbye in a sincere way, telling her how much that I will miss her a lot!” So she sits down in her chair, grabs her phone, finds Lizzie in her contacts, and begins to write her a poem it reads,” I know we have to part for now. But our paths will cross again, yeah I know it’s such a shame I don’t quite know when or where but we have had some great times that we have shared. Our Memories I will treasure. You have made me so happy, more than I can measure” She hits send and about 5 minutes later she gets a response from Hannah that reads,” Yeah, I know we have not known each other for that long yet, but I can bet that, though 2,630.4 miles are in between us. We will never fall apart; friendship isn’t measured in distance it’s measured in the Heart! Hope we can grow closer over time…… Love Hannah.” Liz thought to herself,” WOW! She is so sweet, I really hope as well, that we can grow closer over time.” She responded back to Hannah with,” Hey… I really loved your poem, it was really touching, it made me smile! I too hope we can grow closer over time, Well, anyways, I’ve got to go, it is dinner time, and I have to help clean after so I will talk with you some other time.” “Okay Bye” replies Hannah.
The Next Morning
Lizzie wakes up to the smell of eggs, bacon, waffles and toast and her mom calling her downstairs to eat it. She runs downstairs sits at the table, but before digging into the wonderful looking and smelling food, her and her parents say the blessing, begging with the Sign of the Cross,” In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ Our Lord. Amen.” She and her family, than dug into their delicious food. “BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!” Liz’s phone goes off. She walks to see what it is, and sees that she has a message from Hannah that says,” Good Morning Liz! Just saying good morn, and telling you that I hope your day goes good!I was thinking that maybe we could be pen pals, I think that would be cool I know it takes longer then texting but, at least we can cherish the letters on paper, and keep them forever. Here’s my address 4454 Mechling Road 3222 Jacksonville Florida. Hope to hear from you soon! Send me your address, so i can send you a letter soon. Talk with you hopefully soon, Hannah.” “Aw…” Says Liz, after reading the message. She responds with,” Yeah I would love to be pen pals, my address is 5743 Madrid Lane. Hope to hear from you soon, I’ll chat with you later!” She clicks send, and continues to eat breakfast. Her mom looks over, o ask Liz what it was,” Oh nothing, just a good morning message from Hannah” She replies. “Oh, well great Hon see, you’re getting closer already” Her mom says, while she giggles. The family finishes their meal, and begins to clean up the kitchen.
Overtime, the girls talk more and more till one day, a few years later
A phone begins to ring, but this time, surprisingly it’s not liz’s. Instead it’s her moms phone. Her mom goes to answer the phone, she picks it up and says,”Hello this is Maureen… how may I help you?” A voice responds,” Oh yes, hi Maureen, this is Mrs. Jennings, Hannah’s mom” Oh hi, how are you today?” Maureen says,” Fine, but I have a question for you.” State’s Mrs. Jennings. “Great what is it?” Well,….. You know how the girls have gotten closer over the last few years.””Yes” “Well, I’ve been thinking lately…. How awesome would it be for Hannah and I to come out there, for a couple of weeks, and surprise Liz?” OH MY! That would be awesome! Have you discussed this with Hannah?” Nope… I am going to try to surprise her!” WHelp then ya’ll better get packing, because it sounds like a plan! I’ll email you some more statistics, and logistics, regarding this plan, and we can discuss it then” says Mrs. Jennings.” Okay, bye now” “Bye!” The phone is hung up, and with a smile Maureen walks to lis’z room, to tell her to clean her room. When she does this, immediately following her command Liz begins to clean.
The next day, Maureen receives an email from Mrs. Jennings, tha reads.” Dear Maureen, i know this is short notice but, hope you don’t mind we have a flight to California that is to take off tonight and get there tomorrow morning at 10:00 in the morning. SO let me know if you can pick us up or if I need to rent a car. Talk with ya soon, Jennings.” Maureen replies immediately, saying,” Nope, that’s fine, we will be there to pick you up at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow! Maureen. She gets a simple reply of, “Mkay” and moves on with her day, making sure her daughter does not catch on to the surprise.
10am the next morning
Maureen, leaving her daughter at home telling her she was going to pick somethings up from the store leaves to go pick up the two young ladies. By the time they got to Maureen’s house it was noon. THey grabbed all the bags from the car, except for Hannah, who ran straight into the house, to find Liz she goes in screaming,” Lizzie! It’s me! I’m here!” What!? Shouts Liz and runs down the stairs,. She begins to cry, and so does Hannah, they run and hug each other. After the girls settled down with their emotions, they talked. Hannah said to Liz,” Well, i don’t think that we would have ever grown this close, if it wasn’t for you moving away” Yeah you’re right it’s been super awesome growing closer to you over time, and becoming finder of you.” Replies Liz. The two girls say simultaneously,” Absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

The Story of Jim

I had to write some creative stories for a writing class, following a multitude of proverbs. So I thought that I would share mine on my blog. The particular story follows the proverb,”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” So hope you enjoy!

One day as Jim was walking to school he received a text from his mother telling him that he had forgotten his homework on the kitchen table. His mother also included that he had only completed one page, she told him that he was in big trouble and needed to come straight home after school. He sighed and continued walking. After class had ended, his teacher had asked him to stay afterwards. Jim remained seated until after all the other children had left. Jim was staring at his desk when he heard his teacher say, “Jim would you please come to the front of the class?”

Jim got up and slowly walked to the front. Upon reaching the teacher’s desk his teacher said, “Jim, i have noticed that your grade has been steadily declining in my class, i do not want you to fail, so i am willing to give you some extra credit, if you are interested. Now, i have another class that is about to start so we will discuss this later, here is a pass if your teacher asks why you are late to their class. Goodbye now, we’ll speak soon.” Jim grabs the pass, exits the classroom, and slowly walks down the hall to his next class, Algebra 1. When Jim arrives at math class, they had already begun. He entered the classroom, and everyone turned and stared at him. His teacher Mrs. Pierre turns and looking at Jim said in a kind voice, “I assume you have a good reason for being late, but whatever that reason may be, it can wait until after class, now take a seat.” After class Jim remained seated as Mrs.Pierre had said. Jim handed her the slip and Mrs. Pierre said, “Jim I know it has been hard for you since your father died and as far as I am concerned your teachers and I have been quite reasonable.You have fallen behind in your homework by a couple of weeks, I know that it’ll take same time before you have fully recovered, but I would like to see some of your homework being turned into me.” And with that, she sent him off to his next class. Jim arrived at English just in the nick of time. He took a seat, and learned all about the Trojan War. After class, once again, his teacher asked him to stay behind. He sighed crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat, all out of annoyance. His teacher came up to him and said, “Jim, I know it must be really hard on you and your family, having lost your sister, Jackie. I have noticed that you have fallen quite behind in your work, and i am afraid that I will have to set an official due date for your essay, that was due last week. Now I know that if you try your best, you can complete in less than a week. However, I will give you two weeks to get your essay turned into me. Now hurry on to your next class.” Jim begins to walk to his next class which is U.S History, with Mr. Jeffery. Upon arriving to class, Mr. Jeffery sees Jim walk in late, he turns and tells him that he is late and that he needs to quickly get his notebook and pencil out, and take notes. Jim refuses to do so, and in response to this refusal, Mr. Jeffery tells him to stay behind after class. So then again as the teacher requested, but with hesitance Jim stays behind in his seat, as all the other students leave. Mr. Jeffrey goes to his desk, sits down, and motions Jim over to his desk saying, “Jim come here please.” Jim gets up and with a rude smirk on his face and begins walking to the teachers desk. Mr. Jeffrey says, “Jim, I know that it must and is pretty hard having lost your dog Rover. You are currently failing my class, with a grade of twenty-eight percent. I am also, as your other teachers willing to give you extra work so you are able to make up your grade, but you have to try.” Jim looks at the teacher, rolls his eyes and sighs., “Jim, now you must hurry along, here is some work to help make up your grade, come to me if you have any questions.” Says the teacher. Jim grabs the paper and exits the class. Now, instead of taking the work to help improve his grade, Jim finds a trash can outside of the class and balls it all up, and throws them into it. He continues his path to his next class, which this is his last class of the day, and is where he gets to eat his lunch. When Jim arrives to the class, the class is getting settled in to begin working. This class, is Spanish, with Mrs. Garcia. This is the only class that Jim was not failing, because he was fluent in Spanish, and had to do minimal work, but he still passed with a grade of 93 percent. After about 30 mins in class, it was finally lunchtime. But, as the class was about to exit the door the phone rings, and Mrs. Garcia shouts, “Stop, the phone is ringing, please wait.” The class stops and the teacher picks up the phone. It’s the principal, he says, “Please send Jim John Harris to my office.” Mrs. Garcia says, “Okay” and tells Jim to go to the principal’s office, because he is awaiting him. Jim, steps out of line as all the other kids glare and gasp. When Jim reaches the office the principal says, “Mr. Jim John Harris… your grades in this school our horrendous, with the exception of Spanish, I understand that it is hard and heart wrenching having lost your father, sister, dog, and just yesterday your grandfather. But, this is your last year in high school, and your grades will forever affect your future. Your teachers have given you a multitude of opportunities to bring up your grades, from giving you extra credit, to extending due dates for assignments. If you do not improve your work ethic by the end of this week, I will have to put you into grade recovery which will eat up a lot of your time, and not allow you to participate in any extracurricular activities. I really do not want to resort to this, because the Basketball team really does need you this season, and it will be horrible, but after all, school is first and then comes fun and pleasures. Please get your work done, and do it right! I will be giving your mother a phone call, to let her know the logistics of this situation, but until then please try your hardest to bring your grades up, and improve your work ethic. Now hurry along to your lunch.” This whole time Jim did not say anything or respond to what the principal was saying he just sat and nodded. After lunch, while the class was walking back to the classroom he felt a buzz in his pocket, it was his phone. He asked to use the restroom, although he did not have to, he just wanted to see who he got a text message from. His teacher permitted his request. He walked into the bathroom, and pulled out his phone to see that his mom had texted him saying, “JIM JOHN HARRIS! I just got a phone call from your principal saying that your work ethic is HORRIBLE! This is unacceptable! When you get home, you better have all your makeup and extra credit work with you, and you are going to work on it until it is finished, and you will not be allowed to go to your basketball game tomorrow, or going to your normal Saturday movie night tomorrow either. You are to come home directly after school, don’t bother asking if you can go anywhere! You will not be allowed to do anything you want, until you do the things that you need to do.” Jim responded with, “Yes Ma’am” and left to return to his classroom. When the final bell of the day rang, all the children grabbed their belongings, and left the class to go to their homes, or extracurricular activities. All his friends were looking at him wondering why he was not getting ready to go to practice, but they didn’t say anything to him, they just went about their business as did he. He, as his mother said went straight home. When he arrived home his mother was very disappointed and angry with her son, because she knows that he can do so much better. She said, when he walked in, “Son, I know that it is hard having lost your Father your sister, your dog, and your grandfather, it is hard for me too. But, do you see me slacking on my responsibilities? No you don’t because I use my responsibilities as an escape, and coping mechanism, as should you. Don’t mope around in sadness, even when it is hard, God has your back, he’ll be there for you, even when you don’t feel like he is, Now get to working NOW!” Jim, pretending to listen and follow directions grabs his book bag, that was thrown on the floor and walks to his bedroom, where instead of doing what his mother said for him to do, he grabbed his phone, and began scrolling through social media. When his mother walked in, seeing that he had not even begun to work on his work, that was provided for him to bring up his grades, she got extremely upset. Her face turned bright red, she clenched her fist, and yelled, “Son you better get that work done now, do you really want to fail your last year of High school, right before you go to college? I don’t want you to fail! This is utterly ridiculous, the fact that you are literally being lended a hand, leading you easily down the right path, but you are choosing to ignore this and do whatever you want to do, not even thinking of your future! I can’t even begin to express to you how upset this makes me. You are so much better than this! I don’t understand, everything is being handed to you, but you are completely refusing it. This is so frustrating! You have no clue!” She reaches her hand out towards the boy, and said, “Give me your phone young man! You will not be getting this back until you have A’s and B’s in all your classes” Jim sighs, rolls his eyes, and gives his mom his phone. Mrs. Harris, goes to her home phone and dials her mother’s phone number, when it answers she says, “Momma, I just don’t understand, Jim is being given everything he needs to improve his work ethic and grades, but is refusing to do anything, to benefit himself.” Her moms responds with, “You know hon, it’s not your fault, he is dealing with a lot of things, and so are you. You have to remember something…” “Yeah momma that’s true it’s just hard. What do I have to remember..?” Mrs.Harris asks. Her mom answers with this, “Hon, you have to remember that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!” “WOW! Mom that’s so true, if he chooses to not do his work then that is on him, not me. In other words, he can choose to drink or not to drink. Well, thanks. I’ve got to run now love you.” “Love you too” her mom says, and they hang up the phone. Mrs. Harris thinks to herself, “Well, my mom was right, if Jim does not want to take his education, work ethic, and grades seriously then I can’t force him to, it’s just going to make everything harder on him, the teachers, and myself. So if he really is serious about passing he will do what he has to, he will drink, and if not I can’t force him, I can’t make him drink.”

She ponders this for a bit than forgets about it, and leaves the situation alone to resolve itself


The End